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With some of our consultants parents themselves, and as experienced recruiters, we can advise you on the most appropriate childcare solution for your own circumstances. We can give advice on what to expect from your nanny or au pair; how much you should pay them; interview questions; and how to settle them into your family life.


Our Nannies, Maternity Nurses and Nursery Staff have all been interviewed in person by us in order to best assess their careers to date; motivation; and their reasons for seeking a move.

They come to our office for interview and we ask them to bring ID and their relevant qualification documents. References are taken up. We advise all candidates to undertake DBS (formerly known as CRB) checks if they do not have a current one. We can also facilitate the processing of these checks for them if required.


Our Au Pairs have been screened by our partner agencies. They will have police checks; medical certificates and reference checks.

During the recruitment process we remain in close contact with both the client family and childcarer - arranging all interviews; forwarding CVs and general candidate background information; providing contact details of referees ; helping to agree terms, start dates, (and in the case of Au Pairs, travel arrangements.)


Reflecting our commitment to help you make the right choice for your family, we offer more generous guarantee terms than some of our competitors and do not charge a registration fee.

We also appreciate that working closely with someone in your own home environment can require a period of adjustment with both parties getting used to each other whilst working in partnership to ensure the best possible care for your children.

In case of problems we always advise communicating directly with your childcarer first as they are working in your home (and in the case of Au Pairs, living alongside you in your home as part of your family).

However, if this does not help, please contact us for advice. We cannot help unless kept informed of the situation.

We can be used as a sounding board; or equally can intercede on your behalf with the childcarer directly. Small teething problems can then be ironed out rather than becoming major issues.

With Au Pairs we can arrange for someone to speak to them in their own language - this is particularly useful when nuances of meaning are lost through language barriers.

If things are really not working out, with a permanent Nanny or long-term Au Pair we have placed with you, we will make every effort to source you a replacement as quickly as possible absolutely free of charge within the first six weeks. (After six weeks we consider them to be settled and used to your household routine.)


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